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F*ck You, Your Honor (2017) 5 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu

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I had my misgivings about this book, it was written by a lawyer, about a lawyer who was tasked to write a book about the ‘dignity and integrity’ of the justice system. This book. I was trying to decide if the author was the lawyer in question, hiding behind fiction, or if it was a bit of meta humor pulling my leg. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, it was a good book that I enjoyed reading and have no problems recommending it to others.

Darwyn “Wyn” VanWye is a lawyer and a real estate agent. He appears to have the ego most associate with lawyers and that same blind spot for self reflection. He is always going on about stories in both his real estate dealings and his law practice, giving a look inside his life allowing us to see a truth he seems unable to.

“Win with Wyn” was his tv commercial motto from years ago. Some people still remember him from those commercials. Now, he’s recently divorced, he is pining for his x-wife, and she had a much better lawyer than he was, since she took everything and most of his income as alimony payments. Wyn is now squatting in a repossessed HUD home, trying to dodge the few realtors showing the place. He is driving an old bright yellow Ford Festiva, which he got in replacement of attorney fees. And his ‘office’ is a booth at a diner, which happens to be owned by one of his clients battling a custody case.

So to say he is struggling with life might be a reasonable view. And then in the midst of this, a judge orders him to write a book on the ‘dignity and integrity’ of the justice system, at least 65,000 words. Wyn is at a loss to even understand where this order came from and what he was ‘guilty’ of doing to receive such a ruling.

I did enjoy the book and it is told in many small little stories, showing the good things that can happen and the bad, when dealing with the law, lawyers and judges. Lawyers can have their hands in anything and when they lose sight of people, and just try to ‘win’ at their job, injustices can occur. I will say that the book felt like there was a bit of truth in it, and it makes me want to avoid ever having to deal with the justice system in a personal manner, and even less with lawyers for any reason.
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readafew | Apr 27, 2017 |


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