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Rachel Carson (1907–1964)

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Rachel Carson was for many years a marine biologist and then editor-in-chief of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's publications. She was also the author of Silent Spring, Under the Sea-Wind, and At the Edge of the Sea. She died in 1964. Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist, oceanographer, näytä lisää and National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence. Her books include Blue Hope: Exploring and Caring for Earth's Magnificent Ocean and Ocean An Illustrated Atlas. näytä vähemmän
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Äänetön kevät (1962) 6,571 kappaletta
Meren ihmeet (1950) 1,986 kappaletta
The Edge of the Sea (1955) 895 kappaletta
Under the Sea-Wind (1941) 689 kappaletta
The Sense of Wonder (1965) 627 kappaletta
The Rocky Coast (1971) 45 kappaletta
Man's War Against Nature (2021) 22 kappaletta
Something About the Sky (2024) 16 kappaletta

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The Best American Essays of the Century (2000) — Avustaja — 782 kappaletta
American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau (2008) — Avustaja — 416 kappaletta
Sisters of the Earth: Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature (1991) — Avustaja — 399 kappaletta
The Portable Sixties Reader (2002) — Avustaja — 329 kappaletta
Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season (1986) — Avustaja — 104 kappaletta
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The Book of the Sea (1954) — Avustaja — 36 kappaletta
Beach : Stories by the Sand and Sea (2000) — Avustaja — 32 kappaletta
The Penguin Book of Twentieth-Century Protest (1998) — Avustaja — 31 kappaletta
Animal Machines: The New Factory Farming Industry (1964) — Esipuhe, eräät painokset28 kappaletta
The Penguin Book of the Ocean (2010) — Avustaja — 20 kappaletta
Constructing Nature: Readings from the American Experience (1996) — Avustaja — 17 kappaletta
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Virallinen nimi
Carson, Rachel Louise
Parklawn Memorial Park, Rockville, Maryland, USA
Springdale, Pennsylvania, USA
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
cancer (breast)
heart attack
Springdale, Pennsylvania, USA
Southport Island, Maine, USA
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Chatham University (BS|1929)
Johns Hopkins University (MS|1932)
marine biologist
nature writer
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Bureau of Fisheries
Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset
Presidential Medal of Freedom (1980)
The Schweitzer Medal (1962)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (1953)
Constance Lindsay Skinner Award (1963)
Great Americans series postage stamp issued (1981)
Birthplace added to National Register of Historic Places (Rachel Carson Homestead) (näytä kaikki 24)
Colesville, Maryland home designated National Historic Landmark (1991)
Rachel Carson Trail (Alleghany County ∙ PA)
Rachel Carson Bridge (Pittsburgh ∙ PA ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson State Office Building (Harrisburg ∙ PA ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Elementary School (Gaithersburg ∙ Montgomery County ∙ Maryland ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Middle School (Herndon ∙ VA ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Elementary (Sammamish ∙ WA ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Elementary School (San Jose ∙ CA ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School (Beaverton ∙ OR ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies (Brooklyn ∙ NY ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Conservation Park (Montgomery County ∙ MD ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson room at Ariel Rios Building
Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge (Maine ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Coastal Reserve (Carteret County ∙ NC ∙ USA)
Rachel Carson Prize named for her (Stavanger ∙ Norway)
Rachel Carson Prize named for her (Society for Social Studies of Science)
Rachel Carson Greenway (Montgomery County ∙ MD ∙ USA)
National Women's Hall of Fame (1973)
Marie Rodell
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Rachel Carson was a marine biologist and vocal conservationist. Her book, Silent Spring, is often credited with being the spark for the modern environmental movements. Carson's work led directly to changes in pesticide and other environmental policies in the United States and helped lead to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



Undersea - Nawakum press, Fine Press Forum (huhtikuu 2023)


Cut-paper wizard Nikki McClure is a brilliant steward for the words of a pioneering environmentalist in this wondrous ode to clouds--and the scientific "language of the sky."

Rachel Carson once wrote, "It is not half so important to know as to feel." What do we know about clouds? There are three basic types: stratus, cumulus, and cirrus. Some are fleecy and fair-weathered while others portend storms. But clouds are more than pretty or ominous backdrops. They're the vehicle of water between sea and land, land and sea, in a cycle without end or beginning. They are the writing of the wind on the sky, a language all their own. An illustrator note explains the origins of Rachel Carson's shimmering essay--previously unpublished in its entirety--and the process of adapting it to picture book format, as well as how the author of Silent Spring forever changed the way we think about science and progress. Bringing the soft edges of clouds and the natural world to vivid life with a new, more fluid approach to her signature cut-paper technique, Nikki McClure inspires true emotional engagement with the world we all share. An antidote to "get your head out of the clouds," this art-meets-science tribute to curiosity and wonder is a gift for daydreamers and nature lovers of all ages.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
MasseyLibrary | 1 muu arvostelu | May 22, 2024 |
Detailing how attempts eliminate various insect species with chemical spraying end up killing birds and mammals, including humans, instead. Carson's beautiful writing made the horror stories easier to read and increased my appreciation for nature. I read part of it in a forest, listening to a jackdaw colony overhead and letting six mosquitos gather on my arm before deciding it was time to get up.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Silja_Camilla | 97 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 11, 2024 |
A beautiful weaving of Rachel Carson's prose and Nikki McClure's luminous art.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
bookwren | 1 muu arvostelu | Apr 8, 2024 |
"Suscitate emozioni perché le fondamenta dell'apprendimento stanno in ciò che amiamo."
Merkitty asiattomaksi
claudio.marchisio | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 17, 2024 |



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