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A Drop of Hope (2019) 109 kappaletta
Connect the Dots (2020) 30 kappaletta
Wild Ride (2022) 14 kappaletta
Connect the Dots (2020) 2 kappaletta

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I found the writing a bit awkward but did thoroughly enjoy the story. I loved the message about daily life and small acts bringing hope to a whole community -- an especially timely one during this time of "sheltering" and isolation.
I can see it launching a family or class service project.
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deemaromer | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 23, 2023 |
Note: I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss.
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fernandie | 1 muu arvostelu | Sep 15, 2022 |
Middle school classmates, a story-telling teacher, adults involved in children's lives and parents who negatively impact their kids are all thrown into the mix of small town life. Ernest is a smart kid without a clue, but because his father is the major employer in town other kids leave him alone. The bullies have no problem, however, picking on Winston, a boy with East Indian heritage. Ryan is a good kid, mowing lawn and other chores for an elderly neighbor. That neighbor lives across from Ernest's grandfather's house, who has recently died. Ernest promised his grandfather he would "take care of" the things left behind in his attic, but as he does so it seems to set off a chain of events that affects the lives of the whole town. Listening in at the town's wishing well, we see that everyone has their own private worries.
Mr. Earle, the teacher, sets the tone of the story in the early chapters during a class discussion about why we have folklore and legends: to "make sense of things people couldn't understand" (p.32), find a scapegoat when things go wrong, to scare kids to make them behave, and (later) "a shared history, a way to relate to each other." (p.298).
This is a book about hope, so of course all the problems we see are taken care of. And empowering our kids with hope that they can have a role in making the world a better place is not a bad thing.
… (lisätietoja)
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juniperSun | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jul 26, 2022 |
It's complicated to explain what this book is about but here goes: A genius named Preston Oglethorpe who can set events in motion goes missing. Sixth graders Frankie, Olliver and new girl Matilda are inadvertently involved because Olliver is being tailed by a Town Car. Olliver's mother meets a new man who is using her to get to Preston. And certain parents are connected to Preston in an interesting way. The events of this mystery puzzle show up randomly, much like pouring out the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Eventually, one piece connects to another and another and another until the reader gets a grasp of what's going on. (Although I know I was going back and rereading passages to figure out where I was.) In the tradition of puzzle novels like "The Westing Game," "The Parker Inheritance," and "Under the Egg."… (lisätietoja)
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Salsabrarian | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 8, 2020 |



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