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Steam: An Enduring Legacy: The Railroad Photographs of Joel Jensen (2011) — Jälkisanat — 9 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu

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Brouws, Jeff
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Brouws, Jeffrey T.
San Francisco, California, USA
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Jeff Brouws, born in 1955 in San Francisco, California, is a self-taught photographer who started making images at age 13 while roaming the railroad and industrial corridors of the South Bay Peninsula. Over his thirty-five year involvement with photography Brouws has co-authored or authored eights books, including A Passion for Trains: The Railroad Photography of Richard Steinheimer (W.W. Norton, 2004);Approaching Nowhere (W.W. Norton 2006); and The Call of Trains: Railroad Photographs of Jim Shaughnessy (W.W. Norton, 2008).

Through his rail-related interests, Brouws has also had numerous essays, articles and photographs published in Trains, Locomotive and Railway Preservation, Railroad Heritage, and the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society’s Quarterly. He also received (along with Richard Steinheimer) the R&LHS’s prestigious George and Constance Hilton book award in 2005 for A Passion for Trains.

Brouws’s fine art photography has been featured in Blind Spot and The New Yorker, is represented by galleries in the United States and Europe, and can be found in numerous public collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, Harvard’s Fogg Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.




Compendium / chronology documenting both the artists' books of Edward Ruscha, and the books inspired by, or aping, Ruscha's artist's books. Edited by Jeff Brouws, Wendy Burton and Hermann Zschiegner. Text by Phil Taylor, with and essay by Mark Rawlinson.

Riffs, revisions, knockoffs, and homages: artists pay tribute to Ed Ruscha's famous photo-conceptual small books.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the artist Ed Ruscha created a series of small photo-conceptual artist's books, among them Twentysix Gas Stations, Various Small Fires, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Thirtyfour Parking Lots, Real Estate Opportunities, and A Few Palm Trees. Featuring mundane subjects photographed prosaically, with idiosyncratically deadpan titles, these “small books” were sought after, collected, and loved by Ruscha's fans and fellow artists. Over the past thirty years, close to 100 other small books that appropriated or paid homage to Ruscha's have appeared throughout the world. This book collects ninety-one of these projects, showcasing the cover and sample layouts from each along with a description of the work. It also includes selections from Ruscha's books and an appendix listing all known Ruscha book tributes.

These small books revisit, imitate, honor, and parody Ruscha in form, content, and title. Some rephotograph his subjects: Thirtyfour Parking Lots, Forty Years Later. Some offer a humorous variation: Various Unbaked Cookies (which concludes, as did Ruscha's Various Small Fires, with a glass of milk), Twentynine Palms (twenty-nine photographs of palm-readers' signs). Some say something different: None of the Buildings on Sunset Strip. Some reach for a connection with Ruscha himself: 17 Parked Cars in Various Parking Lots Along Pacific Coast Highway Between My House and Ed Ruscha's.

With his books, Ruscha expanded the artist's field of permissible subjects, approaches, and methods. With VARIOUS SMALL BOOKS, various artists pay tribute to Ed Ruscha and extend the legacy of his books.
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petervanbeveren | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 16, 2023 |
In collection Bool:
Simon Morris, Royal Road to the Unconscious, 2003, p. 76-77
Hermann Zschiegner, Thirtyfour Parking Lots on Google Earth, 2006, p. 118-119
Louisa van Leer, Fifteen Pornography Companies, 2006, p. 110-11
Jochen Manz, Twentythree Bankers Blink, 2009, p. 204-205
Joachim Schmid, Twentysix Gasoline Stations, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Thirty-four Parking Lots, Nine Swimming Pools, A Few Palm Trees, No Small Fires, 2009, p. 206-207
Tanja Lazetic, Nine Swimming Pools Behind A Broken Glass, 2010, p. 214-215
Tanja Lazetic, Coloured People in Black and Whit (Yellow), 2010, p. 216-217
Dejan Habicht, One Gasoline Station, 2010, p. 240-241
Tadej Pogacar, Various (Small) Pieces of Trash, 2010, p. 250-251
… (lisätietoja)
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FlipBool | 1 muu arvostelu | Dec 27, 2021 |
Great selection of photos from the files of Trains Magazine.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
ulmannc | 1 muu arvostelu | Aug 7, 2018 |
A great selection of photographs from the Steam Era. Only two comments, I wish there were more, and I wish the 'Captions' were included with the photographs and not as an appendix. (Each photograph has a caption with railroad, data, location, and photographer, but there are further details filling in context and activities, etc. at the end of the book in a section titled 'Captions'.)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
dpevers | 1 muu arvostelu | May 28, 2017 |

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