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Elric Gesamtausgabe (Bd. 1-4) (2021) 7 kappaletta
Elric - Tome 05 1 kappale

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wolfric0 | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 28, 2024 |
Long awaited chapter about Elric from fantastic Titan books series by Julien Blondel.

While going somewhat away from the original story (at least in the way I remember it) we find Elric assisting Young Kingdoms in planning the assault on the Melnibonean capital of Ymir. Reason is not surprise attack and rescue (as was case in original novels) but attempt to save the Young Kingdoms from the mighty armada led by Elric's love, Cymoril.

During their travel Elric and his crew come across the mysterious Dreaming City where Elric will have to come to terms with what happened with his ancestors. Elric will also cross paths with the Chaos of Arioch that might yet prove to be Elric's undoing, either directly or through daemon sword Stormbringer.

Art is as beautiful as was case with previous issues. Ancient kingdom of sorcerers has such a palpably eerie atmosphere - everything seems calm and in balance while truth is that it is everything but.

Excellent book in all aspects.

If you are fan of Elric and dark fantasy you will truly enjoy this.
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Zare | 10 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 23, 2024 |
Conclusion of the first story cycle about our tragic hero Elric.

Like tragic characters from eons past, Oedip, Sysiphus, and Promethues, Elric is doomed to fight and win but always lose some part of him, always ending on the very brink of defeat wandering if fight was worth the sacrifice.

Elric, angry after communion with Arioch who told him that he played with Melniboneans and transformed them into inhuman monsters to be able to control them, decides to destroy his own homeland to prevent Chaos from extending its reach over Young Kingdoms.

But even as Elric manages to destroy the Melnibone it all comes at the huge cost - it is not that he loses the only person he loved but he also loses his new allies and leaves them to die while he manages to escape. Even when he tries to end his life Elric is nothing but puppet of greater forces - their goal is unknown and Elric becomes literally sailor on the sea of fate , trying to anchor himself where possible but usually just gets bounced around in what seems like continuous fight without any relief.

There are some changes in script here (I dont recall Cymoril to be like this, I though Yyrkoon was the bad guy) but all in all story follows the original book.

Art as always is pure joy for the eyes. It is incredible how artists managed to show pure decadency of the Melniboneans, entire nation that would definitely scare the living lights out of Pinhead and his cohorts.

Excellent book, highly recommended to all fans of heroic and dark fantasy.
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Zare | 10 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 23, 2024 |
This is third volume in newly adapted Elric saga. Same as previous two novels art is amazing and story is somewhat adapted and not exactly in line with the nature of Elric as we came to knew him from novels.

He is still morose, lacks actual sympathy for the Young Kingdoms and tries to battle the Stormbringer sword's extremely insidious nature (I mean it is a sword, right, not a toothpick - but this one aims to corrupt its wielder which is not something swords are supposed to do .... as far as I know).

While on a run, Elric, now known to the rest of Young Kingdoms as White Wolf gets involved with the person from his past and learns a thing or two about the burden of fate.

And when we think that our hero finally manages to escape the danger absolutely unexpected twist occurs. I wont go into details because ending shocked me (and got me searching for the original novels to compare) and would be a huge spoiler to mention it.

Excellent graphical novel, beautiful art and new (and, in my opinion, original) twist on the story itself.

Highly recommended to all fans of fantasy in general and Elric's saga in particular.
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Zare | Jan 23, 2024 |



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