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Elizabeth Berg (1) (1948–)

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Elizabeth Berg was born December 2, 1948 and educated at the University of Minnesota and at St. Mary's College. Elizabeth Berg's first novel was "Durable Goods". "Talk Before Sleep" was a 1996 Abby Honor Book & a "New York Times" bestseller. "Range of Motion", "The Pull of the Moon", & "Joy School" näytä lisää were all critically acclaimed bestsellers. In 1996, she won the New England Booksellers Award for body of work. In 1997, she won the NEBA Award in fiction, and in 2000 became the author of an Oprah Book Club selection. Her book, The Dream Lover, is a New York Times 2015 bestseller. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän


Tekijän teokset

Open House (2000) 2,814 kappaletta
The Year of Pleasures (2005) 1,448 kappaletta
The Art of Mending (2004) 1,440 kappaletta
Talk Before Sleep (1997) 1,357 kappaletta
We Are All Welcome Here (2006) 1,227 kappaletta
Home Safe (1993) 1,206 kappaletta
What We Keep (1998) 1,194 kappaletta
The Pull of the Moon (1996) 1,125 kappaletta
Never Change (2001) 1,090 kappaletta
Dream When You're Feeling Blue (2007) 1,019 kappaletta
Joy School (1997) 958 kappaletta
Durable Goods (1993) 939 kappaletta
The Story of Arthur Truluv (2017) 901 kappaletta
Range of Motion (1995) 862 kappaletta
The Last Time I Saw You (2010) 834 kappaletta

Associated Works

Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting (2013) — Avustaja — 263 kappaletta
The Breast: An Anthology (1995) — Avustaja — 7 kappaletta

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I won this book from the Goodreads First Reads giveaways. I wasn't sure what to expect as I've only read one other book quite a few years ago by this author. I remember that I liked the book but I have not picked up any of her other books to read in the interim. I loved loved loved this book. It focuses on Cecilia (Cece) and her life after she the death of her best friend. She makes some changes in her life and makes some new friends that she probably never would have met and goes on a road trip with them that resolves some issue in each of their lives. I absolutely recommend this book to others. It was enjoyable and I didn't want it to end.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Cathie_Dyer | 44 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 29, 2024 |
This is our book for our first Not Now...I'm Reading Book Club.


This is a recently written prequel to the Arthur Truluv series. In this book we learn the things that acted together to make Arthur who he is. I loved it, as expected.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
BoundTogetherForGood | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 22, 2024 |
Oh, my. What a lovely, fairly nostalgic coming-of-age story.

I mean, it squeezed or stung my heart at several moments along the way, and yes, there's a tragic aspect to it. There are also a couple of scenes of disheartening (not bloody or bone-breaking, but disheartening) violence, a smidgen of language, and an inappropriate "beyond the classroom" relationship between two folks—although it's handled in a mostly offscreen, "PG" fashion.

But the down-to-earth quality of the story, the easy pace, the understated yet heartfelt beauty of this substantive slice of a small-town boy/young man's life... Even while I was pretty sad here and there, I felt like I was wrapped up in a soft, consoling blanket, and I ultimately had to smile.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
NadineC.Keels | 11 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 18, 2024 |
Oh my goodness that ended fast and, well, kind of underwhelming. But I guess family can be underwhelmingly normal, too. I liked Laura. She was quirky but responsible and mature. I liked Caroline's complexity as well. Just not enough.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
chailatte | 48 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 5, 2024 |



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