Herbert Benson (1935–2022)

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The Relaxation Response (1975) 644 kappaletta, 11 arvostelua
Timeless Healing (1996) 220 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Beyond the Relaxation Response (1984) 110 kappaletta
Your Maximum Mind (1987) 59 kappaletta
The Mind/Body Effect (1979) 23 kappaletta
Heilung durch Glauben (1997) 2 kappaletta

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Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School (1998) — Esipuhe, eräät painokset; Esipuhe, eräät painokset161 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
MindScience: An East-West Dialogue (1991) — Avustaja — 116 kappaletta
Trappist [1997, Documentary] (1998) — Featured — 8 kappaletta

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The author discusses the use of a relaxation response to decrease the stress response and resulting increase in blood pressure. He provides information on historical and cultural techniques used across peoples. A discussion of some clinical studies and case histories is provided relating to effects on drug use and headaches. The technique is described and is proposed as universally valuable for the duration of use.
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GlennBell | 10 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 18, 2023 |
A practical program that may help you
Relieve headaches, backaches, chest pains
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Eliminate insomnia and decrease anxiety

In just minutes a day you can easly master the stress reduction techniques that have helped millions cnquer or alleviate one of todayy's most serious and widespread health problems. Employing neither drugs nor doctors, Dr. Benson's program is considered by many to be the most benefical step forward in personal health and well-being in our time.

'It gives me a great deal of excitement to have Dr. Benson's strsoang statement!'-Robert Schulller, author of Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!

'An important contribution...workable and tested solutions for liberating the mind and body from tension, despair and panic that predispose the human organism to disease.'-Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness

Herbert Benson, M.D., the author of The Relaxation Response and The Mind/Body Effect, teaches medicine at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital and is Director of the hospital's Division of Behavioral Medicine and Hypertension Section.


Part One An introduction to the power of the faith factor
Chapter One What is the faith factor?
Chapter Two Frontiers of scientific research
Part Two An adventure in the Himalayas
Chapter Three The road to Upper Dharmsala
Chapter Four The phenomenon of the 'Fierce Woman'
Chapter Five The lessons of the Lamas
Part Three A practical guide to greater physical and mental well-being
Chapter Six How to work with your doctor toward optimal health
Chapter Seven The fundamentals of the faith factor: How to combine the relaxation response with your personal beliefs
Chapter Eight The way to power over physical and mental problems
Chapter Nine what are the outer limits?
… (lisätietoja)
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AikiBib | May 29, 2022 |
When Dr. Herbert benson introduced this simple, effective, mind/body approach to relieving stress twenty-five years ago, his book became an instant national bestseller. Since that time, milions of people have learned the secret-without high-priced lectures or prescription medicines. The Relaxation Response has become the classic reference recommended by most health care professionals and authorities to treat the harmful effects of stress.

Discovered by Dr. Benson and his colleagues in the laboratories of Harvard Medical School and its teaching hospitals, this revitalizing, therapeutic approach is now routinely recommended to treat blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other physical ailments. It requires only minutes to learn, and just ten to twenty minutes of practice twice a day.

… (lisätietoja)
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AikiBib | 10 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 29, 2022 |
Breaks down meditation and possible benefits, trading in vaguely spiritual trappings for good old fashion science. Author, being of the academic tradition, cites quality sources and demonstrates rigourous methodologies. If you want to know about the measured physiological affects of popular meditation techniques, skipping on the anecdotal evidence usually found in books on the topic, this is a great place to start.
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dowswell | 10 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jul 25, 2021 |



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