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We meet Michelle Black, a seemingly normal girl with boring parents, a doting uncle and a best friend that she has a crush on. Oh oh oh... and she can feel the sins people have committed and dreams of all the torture Hell has to offer on a nightly basis. Lately she's been hearing a voice whispering to her... Yeah... not so normal.
Lucifer, ruler of Hell wants the woman that he has been promised by Gabriel so so long ago. He feels the darkness taking over and he needs Michelle now!

My take on the book:
It was a hard book to finish. I'm not one to give up in the middle of a book, but I can honestly say, for me personally, it only started getting good around 65% of the book.
The first half of the book lacked flow, it felt drawn out. Again, this could be me personally if it feels different for you!
When it started to get good, it rly got good! :) The flow was there, stuff started to happen and we got a sense where everything fits (well.. except CJ, you'd think he would play a big part right?). Anyway, character development was good, I especially liked the dynamic between Lucifer and Hades, though I'm left wondering why only those two are influenced/affected by the light within Anjali and not the other Fallen. Maybe that will be explained in a next book. The romance felt a bit forced. There is some sex described so be mindful if you're looking for a read without any.

While the ending of the book left me burning with questions about the Predznak, how Lucifer will deal with it when Anjali finds them, ... at this moment I'm not inclined to read the other books.
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Nemerith | Oct 30, 2023 |


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