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That Fat Hat (1992) 267 kappaletta
A Very Scary Jack-O'-Lantern (1991) 152 kappaletta
A Pup in King Arthur's Court (1998) 140 kappaletta
Little Cricket's Song (2004) 130 kappaletta
Big Fire Trucks (1996) 127 kappaletta
A Very Scary Ghost Story (1992) 117 kappaletta
A Very Scary Haunted House (1991) 117 kappaletta
Tooth Fairy Magic (1995) 114 kappaletta
A Very Scary Witch Story (1992) 114 kappaletta
A Very Merry Snowman Story (1992) 103 kappaletta
A Tale of Two Sitters (1998) 90 kappaletta
A Very Merry Santa Claus Story (1992) 59 kappaletta
What Is Velocity? (2004) 54 kappaletta
Riddle of the Lost Lake (2000) 53 kappaletta
Lost Little Bunny (1995) 50 kappaletta
Spooky House (1990) 40 kappaletta
Frogs & Friends (2008) 35 kappaletta
Ocean! A Big Fold-Out Flap Book (1975) 34 kappaletta
Air, Air, All Around (1990) 25 kappaletta
Big Wheels (1997) 24 kappaletta
Creatures That Glow (1991) 23 kappaletta
Rocks, Big & Small (1990) 22 kappaletta
Kermit's Mixed-Up Message (1987) — Tekijä — 21 kappaletta
Anna Marie's Blanket (1990) 20 kappaletta
Whiskerville Post Office (1990) 16 kappaletta
Nala's Dare (The Lion King, 2) (1994) 15 kappaletta
Home, Creepy Home (Mystery (Steck-Vaughn)) (1995) — Tekijä — 14 kappaletta
Looking Good (Real Deal) (2005) 12 kappaletta
Numbers: Add up At Home (1993) 12 kappaletta
Recycler (Truckin' Board Books) (1996) 12 kappaletta
Merry Christmas, Santa! (Big Shape Books) (1995) — Tekijä — 12 kappaletta
Whiskerville Fire House (1990) 11 kappaletta
Firefly's First Flight (2005) 11 kappaletta
Whiskerville School (1990) 10 kappaletta
Good Night, Summer Lights (2005) 10 kappaletta
Baby Gonzo's Unfinished Dream (1988) 10 kappaletta
Whiskerville Bake Shop (1990) 9 kappaletta
Whiskerville Train Station (1991) 9 kappaletta
Games We Play (2005) 9 kappaletta
Where Do I Put My Food (1991) 7 kappaletta
Whiskerville Grocery Store (1991) 7 kappaletta
Barnum's Animals (1998) 7 kappaletta
Whiskerville Theatre (1991) 6 kappaletta
Passenger car (1992) 5 kappaletta
Caboose (1992) 5 kappaletta
Locomotive (1992) 5 kappaletta
Where Do I Put My Clothes (1991) 5 kappaletta
The Witch's Hat (1997) 5 kappaletta
Boxcar (1992) 4 kappaletta
A Western Activity Book (2011) 4 kappaletta
Zeena's Cat (1997) 4 kappaletta
Where Do I Put My Toys (1991) 4 kappaletta
Whale Rescue (Instep Readers) (2005) 4 kappaletta
Tanker (Truckin' Board Books) (1996) 4 kappaletta
Performers' car (1993) 3 kappaletta
Boober's Colorful Soup (1988) 3 kappaletta
My Measuring Cup (1989) 3 kappaletta
Circus locomotive (1993) 2 kappaletta
Clown caboose (1993) 2 kappaletta
The Strangest Halloween (1996) 2 kappaletta
Colors (A Change-A-Board Book) (1998) 2 kappaletta
Exploring Our Oceans Big Book (2006) 2 kappaletta
Where Do I Put My Books? (1991) 2 kappaletta
Help! It's Halloween! (1996) 2 kappaletta
There's A Mouse in My House! (2006) 2 kappaletta
Whiskerville Toy Shop (1991) 2 kappaletta
My Spatula (1990) 2 kappaletta
My Cooking Pot (1989) 2 kappaletta
A Very Merry Christmas (1992) 2 kappaletta
Getting Around Water 2 kappaletta
My Rolling Pin (1989) 1 kappale
Patterns (1998) 1 kappale
Textures (1998) 1 kappale
My Cooking Spoon (1989) 1 kappale
Animal car (1993) 1 kappale
Cat's Birthday (1997) 1 kappale
Whiskerville Fire Station (1990) 1 kappale
My Frying Pan (1990) 1 kappale
Jack-O'-Lantern 1 kappale
The Santa Claus Nutcracker (1999) 1 kappale
The Toy Soldier (1999) 1 kappale

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Wright, J. B. (pseudonym)
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Joanne Barkan has been writing about "big philanthropy", private foundations, and democracy since 2011. She also covers the influence of large foundations on public education policy in the US. Many of these articles appear in Dissent magazine. Barkan is based in New York City and Truro, Massachusetts.  [from The Guardian.com]

Joanne Barkan writes on politics and economics for adults; she also writes verse and fiction for young readers.



I like this series for young readers that explains physical science concepts. I thought this made the idea of density really easy for young kids to grasp.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
sloth852 | Jan 12, 2024 |
Halloween night had arrived, but Roma the witch found that she had misplaced her hat, and that her stubborn broom, embarrassed to be seen with a witch who was lacking the proper headgear, refused to fly. Determined not to miss out on her favorite holiday, she headed into town for a hat, but had to contend with the less-than-helpful shopkeeper. Would turning him into a purple goblin help or hurt her chances of getting what she wanted...?

One of four titles in the Trick-or-Treat collection of miniature picture-books published by Little Simon in 1997, each of which featured a selection of glow-in-the-dark stickers that could be applied to specific spots on the pages within—other titles included Zeena's Cat, The Strangest Halloween and Help! It's Halloween!The Witch's Hat is a fun little Halloween tale. I'm not sure I would have ever stumbled across it in the normal course of events, as it is long out of print, and not the sort of book one finds in library collections, but my perennial hunt for new or new-to-me witchy picture books (a pet project of mine) brought it to light, and being familiar with author Joanne Barkan through her Very Scary picture books (also from the 1990s), I immediately set out to track it down. The copy I obtained already had the stickers applied, which was fine, as they are meant to fit in with the illustrations, rather than to obscure them.

In any case, leaving that aside, although Barkan's story here wasn't anything groundbreaking, when it comes to witchy Halloween fare, I nevertheless found it entertaining, and think younger children will as well. Hopefully any copy they obtain will also provide usable stickers, so that they can enjoy that interactive aspect of the book as well.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
AbigailAdams26 | Nov 7, 2023 |
Guthrie and Annie, two sight-seeing ghosts on Halloween night, attempt to find some truly spooky sites and experiences in this glow-in-the-dark picture-book. From horror movies at the cinema to a haunted house on the outskirts of town, a bat-infested cave in the nearby woods to a scaly lizard-monster under the bridge, the spectral pair sees quite a lot. But it isn't until they encounter two trick-or-treaters and follow them to a Halloween party, that they find what they are truly seeking...

Published in 1992, A Very Scary Ghost Story is one of four Halloween-themed glow-in-the-dark picture-books from author/illustrator team Joanne Barkan and Jody Wheeler—the other titles include A Very Scary Witch Story, A Very Scary Jack-o-Lantern and A Very Scary Haunted House—and pairs an engaging story with fun, colorful artwork. I liked the conceit of two ghosts abroad, looking to be scared themselves, rather than to scare other, while the conclusion of the story, in which human children end up being the scariest thing of all, was amusing. An entertaining little tale for Halloween, one I would recommend to picture-books readers looking for moderately spooky fare.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
AbigailAdams26 | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 5, 2023 |
In the evening the crickets sing. But Little Cricket is too shy. Reader's can make the crickets sing by pushing down on the crickets built into the book.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
BLTSbraille | Dec 13, 2022 |


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