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25 for One: A Charity Bundle for Hurricane Relief (2017) — Avustaja — 3 kappaletta

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Hell's Requiem: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller by M.L. Banner narrated by Kevin Pierce is an audible book I requested and the review is voluntary. I am really saturated with zombies and apocalyptic books but I am always on the look out for new authors, new to me, their books may have that new twist that is needed in this flooded market. This book has a bit of a twist I needed. In the start of this book, these things could happen to any of us, sadly so. The rest is a very big possibility so this isn't one of those very fanciful stories, this could be real. The worst real parts come when you throw in the cruelty of everyday people living in a world falling apart. This book has lots of emotion, action, chills, and danger. The narrator is great showing these powerful emotions, I think it added a lot that maybe I wouldn't have read into the story. The extra feeling and the right time, it was perfect. This voice is just what this book needed. I can't picture a different voice to this story. This was a powerful apocalyptic story and I am one who usually shy away from them.… (lisätietoja)
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MontzaleeW | Jul 30, 2017 |
Just not for me.
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ajlewis2 | Feb 24, 2016 |


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