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Josephine Bailey

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Hotey (2013) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu

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London, England, UK
Los Angeles, California, USA
Corona Theatre Academy



Cervantes might need to take a back seat to Josephine Bailey. This sometimes amusing and sometimes sad book for young adults gives us another look at the story of Don Quixote with the maturing of Donkey Hotey. Although the stories do not actually follow Cervantes adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, the results are close to the same. OK, it is all different, but it is a story that young adults (and adults) will really enjoy.
Hotey (Donkey Hotey) is born into a wild herd of donkeys, but is accidently captured with a herd of horses by cowboys. Thus begins his travels. From the very beginning, he longs for his home and herd. As he travels, he encounters sadness, joy and excitement. His time is spent growing up and learning about the life of a donkey – as well as horses, humans, cows, dogs and, of course birds in the form of Sancho, the parrot.

“He had yearned for freedom and adventure, but now he had found it, it did not feel as wonderful as it had done in his dreams.”

Will he get home or accept his plight as a working donkey? You will have to read it to find out.

Josephine Bailey was born in London, England. She studied at the Corona Theatre Academy and appeared in several British television plays and films. Since coming to the United States her voice has been featured in animated productions for Nickelodeon, Disney and Dreamworks. She has a love of animals of all kinds and sizes. She has 2 daughters and one granddaughter and lives in South Carolina.
A portion of the sales of this book will go to the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.
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KatherineBoyer | Oct 12, 2013 |


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