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Angeles Arrien, PhD, is a teacher, author, and cultural anthropologist whose teachings bridge the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and comparative religion, while focusing on universal beliefs shared by humanity. She lectures and leads workshops internationally on cultural anthropology and näytä lisää transpersonal psychology at colleges, corporate settings, and personal growth facilities. Her books include The Four-Fold Way and The Second Half of Life. näytä vähemmän

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Working Together: Producing Synergy by Honoring Diversity (1998) — Toimittaja — 25 kappaletta
Wheel of Tarot: A New Revolution (1992) 21 kappaletta
Gathering Medicine (1994) 7 kappaletta
Den ¤firfoldige vej (2003) 1 kappale

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A treasure of practical wisdom for anyone on a path to wholeness. The author gives us the essence of the sacred teachings of tribal peoples and makes them directly relevant to how we understand and act our lives.
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PendleHillLibrary | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Feb 9, 2024 |
> Babelio : https://www.babelio.com/livres/Arrien-Les-quatre-voies-de-linitiation-chamanique...

Les Quatre Voies de l’initiation chamanique, où Angeles Arrien, fils d’un berger pyrénéen émigré dans l’Idaho, dit comment il a développé en lui “le guerrier, le guérisseur, le visionnaire et le maître”, éditions Véga.
Nouvelles Clés
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Joop-le-philosophe | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 29, 2023 |
This is literally my favorite tarot book I've discovered since the RCG Path on Tarot Archetypes started. I was told to find it a long time ago and never did until this year. I was so amazed with the first day of looking at it, that then I purchased a copy for two of my dear friends.

This book has so much in it that I'd been wanting to play around with. There are detailed write-ups of each card. How to handle all the mathematical equations that cover Soul and Personality and Yearly Growth Cards. And there is a section on each of the card write-ups for how to interpret it if you received them for the three things you got from your equations.

I'm literally head over heels for this book in all ways.
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wanderlustlover | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 26, 2022 |
Have to read all the metaphysical books in the library and see what they're offering.
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Tchipakkan | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 26, 2019 |


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