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Zoë Archer is a RITA award-nominated romance author of the acclaimed Blades of the Rose series, as well as the Hellraiser, and Nemesis Unlimited series, among others. She also writes Regency-set romances as Eva Leigh. (Bowker Author Biography)
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Warrior (2010) 337 kappaletta, 17 arvostelua
Rebel (2010) 240 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
Scoundrel (2010) 230 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
Stranger (2010) 185 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
My Fake Rake (2019) 174 kappaletta, 17 arvostelua
Forever Your Earl (2015) 172 kappaletta, 13 arvostelua
Temptations of a Wallflower (2016) 153 kappaletta, 9 arvostelua
Half Past Dead (Undying Heart/ Simon Says) (2010) 120 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Scandal Takes the Stage (2015) 113 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
From Duke Till Dawn (2017) 105 kappaletta, 9 arvostelua
Devil's Kiss (2011) 104 kappaletta, 9 arvostelua
Would I Lie to the Duke (2020) 103 kappaletta, 9 arvostelua
The Good Girl's Guide to Rakes (2022) 102 kappaletta, 6 arvostelua
Dare to Love a Duke (2018) 85 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
How the Wallflower Was Won (2022) 79 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
Waiting for a Scot Like You (2021) 74 kappaletta, 8 arvostelua
Counting on a Countess (2018) 71 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
Collision Course (2011) 68 kappaletta, 9 arvostelua
Skies of Fire: The Ether Chronicles (2012) 67 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Sweet Revenge (2013) 57 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Duke I'd Like to F… (2020) — Tekijä — 52 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Demon's Bride (2012) 50 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Lady X's Cowboy (2006) 46 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Love in a Bottle (2006) 42 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Chain Reaction (2012) 39 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Dangerous Seduction (2013) 38 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Sinner's Heart (2013) 38 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Skies of Gold: The Ether Chronicles (2013) 37 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Rake I'd Like to F… (2021) — Tekijä — 33 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Skies of Steel: The Ether Chronicles (2012) 33 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Wicked Temptation (2014) 29 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Villain I'd Like to F… (2022) — Tekijä — 20 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Winter's Heat (2013) 11 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
An Education in Pleasure (2021) 7 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Villain I'd like to f... (2022) 2 kappaletta

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Kanoninen nimi
Archer, Zoë
Muut nimet
Leigh, Eva
University of Iowa Writers' Workshop
Rosso, Nico (husband)



enjoyed the main characters. plot? well the plot went something like this:

found a clue = boff
fought a battle = boff
got injured in a battle = double boff
shipmates are fighting again = boff
some part of his/her anatomy glistens in the sunlight/moonlight = boff
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Sporkles | 6 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 29, 2024 |
Though the setup for this was beyond absurd I loved the two MCs. Eleanor and Daniel nailed the witty repartee and I enjoyed watching them race around town and fall in love. Unfortunately, things fell apart in the last third of the book. The solving of the underlying situation that brought the couple together was dispatched in a way that told me the author did not know what to do with it -- there was no buildup really, and I remain baffled as to why the character named Catherine was even included. Also, the scene that precipitated the expected 3rd act hurdle was silly and not in keeping with anything before. This also suffered from selective stupidity. Our MMC figures out where to locate people with some Columbo-level preternatural internal radar, but when the FMC goes into hiding it never occurs to him to go check the most obvious place, her best friend's lodgings, despite having found her here many times before. The two leads and their wacky adventures were enough to make this generally enjoyable, but the story construction wasn't good, and the reader of the audiobook could not have been flatter in her delivery if she had been an actual robot. This is a true 3 star. Enjoyable enough, I don't regret reading it, but I am not for a moment lamenting that it is over.… (lisätietoja)
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Narshkite | 12 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 17, 2024 |
Still following the narrator, Mandy Williams; in this rather steamy romance by Eva Leigh, she is a young female playwright, with a strong distrust of aristocracy, which of course includes the dashing, womanizing Viscount Marwood, who has set his sights on her all the same.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
TraSea | 6 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 29, 2024 |
Merkitty asiattomaksi
mimji | 8 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 20, 2024 |



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