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Author Division

Scott Anderson (6)

Distant Fires (1990) 45 kappaletta
The Mosquito Book (1998) 12 kappaletta
Unknown Rider (1995) 10 kappaletta

Scott Anderson (7)

Forward With Faith (2000) — Avustaja — 13 kappaletta


(1) is a novelist and war correspondent and wrote, The Man Who Tried to Save the World, and the novel, Triage;

(2) wrote a computer graphics book, Morphing Magic;

(3) is actually Scot Anderson should not have been combined here

(4) is a designer and wrote, A Visual Language;

(5) writes sports stories?;

(6) was a fighter pilot and civilian test pilot and wrote Unknown Rider, Distant Fires, The Mosquito Book.

7. Scott Anderson (7)

Author of Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith

(8) Check the Oil: Gas Station Collectibles With Prices