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Some of the Best of 2021 Edition (2022) — Avustaja — 81 kappaletta
I Am Not I {novelette} (2017) 1 kappale

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Maa (karttaa varten)
ca. 1990
Dorset, England, UK



In the space of two novelettes I’ve become downright hooked on G.V. Anderson’s writing! “Hearts in the Hard Ground” is a story about ghosts and haunting, but not so much the creepy Halloween ones. This is more the haunting that happens after the loss of a loved one, the ghosts left behind, and ways to move on and full empty spaces with new life. Anderson captures grief and guilt so sharply, and with prose that borders on spoken poetry. Each and every word adds another layer of depth, creating a story that feels much longer than it actually is. I’ve never read anything quite like this, which I think is partially why I was surprised I liked it so much, but definitely want to read more in the future!… (lisätietoja)
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deborahee | 1 muu arvostelu | Feb 23, 2024 |
"The Lay if Lilyfinger" is such a gorgeously written and deeply-realized work, and it just sweeps the reader right into a fantastic world of music, heritage, storytelling, and the things that one is willing to give up in pursuit of something bigger. It's obvious that Anderson has so much of this world worked out and imagined; it is so SO easy to just step right into the story alongside the characters and follow them along. Anderson also has a vivid, strong prose that really suits the book - it's very descriptive without being superfluous (actually it's very fitting to the main character, Saaba-niszak, too). I saw on her website that Anderson is working on her first full-length novel and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!… (lisätietoja)
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deborahee | Feb 23, 2024 |
Magnificent collection, start to finish!
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Zoes_Human | Sep 12, 2023 |
hmm... what to say... I found the reason for the story un-graspable until I read some other reviews. Many seemed to like the story more than me. We have a human girl born into a family of "freaks". The freaks are the dominate species on the planet so when a child is born "normal" they are probably sold for parts but our MC's mother hid her until she could take care of herself. So as a mid-teen her mother had some "freak" parts added. Extra eyes, some wings. Gave her some coin and set her free.

We enter the story as the MC's parts are failing and she needs to earn some money for repair surgery.
… (lisätietoja)
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Corinne2020 | Feb 26, 2023 |


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