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– tekijä: Leon Uris

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Adventure and intrigue in Greece, involving Jewish and American spies and British soldiers.



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I was in need of a faster-paced book than i had read recently and this certainly fit the bill. A shorter piece, and a tense, if slightly unbelievable, WWII spy thriller set in Greece just as the Nazi's were taking over, much to the disbelief of the population in denial that they were actually coming. American Michael Morrison gets innocently pulled into a British spy endeavor and suddenly finds himself the subject of an all-out manhunt by a well-known Nazi with a determined mean streak. All of the expected twists and turns ensue, including the pretty lady, and a slightly unexpected ending rounds it all out. If nothing else, it reiterates to me, the horror of war and how sad for those experiencing it around the world today. ( )
  jeffome | May 10, 2017 |
This is a story of an American writer turned reluctant spy during Germany's invasion of Greece during WWII. It is also the first book by Leon Uris that I've read.

The writing was well done - well paced, good character development (mostly) and tension throughout. The Greek/British Underground was busy pulling a fast one on the German invaders, even as the author was giving the reader misdirection. :)

One thing that annoyed me - a typical pet peeve - is that there is a love story where by the 5th day after meeting, they use pet names (honey, darling) and by the 9th, they've professed their love. Maybe I'm just not a believer in love at first sight....

I would rate this a 3.5 due to the good storytelling and the tension throughout. ( )
1 ääni bhabeck | Jun 12, 2016 |
Very good, suspenseful read in this author's tradition, but in a smaller package. Based upon a journal from WWII, this is the story of Greece under German occupation, with resistance fighters and collaborators alike trying to acquire the location of an American author, who holds information crucial to the war effort. A page-turner, authentic, and a good introduction to Uris' style. Definitely recommended. ( )
  fuzzi | Jan 30, 2016 |
“…the very soul of Greece danced by firelight.”
from Leon Uris’ “The Angry Hills"

"The Angry Hills" is an enjoyable read; there are parts that are memorable, but it's uneven. I believe this is Uris' second novel, and while it evokes a depth and nuance of a burgeoning author of historical epics, it also hints at something that's rushed, and perhaps could've used a more firm editorial hand.

“The Angry Hills” refers to World War II Greek resistance against German infiltration. While Germany invaded Athens and started to clamp down upon, and imprint it’s mark on Greecian government, resistance remained strong and unmoved within the hilly and remote countryside. An American writer comes across a list of Greek government leaders who are quietly supporting Germany. His goal is to get that list out of the country and into Allied hands. Michael Morrison is chased across the countryside avoiding capture, and finds himself enmeshed within the heart of Greece and its culture.

The primary plot thread is fine. It’s a little confusing in parts, but makes for a strong enough hook to propel the story. In parallel, Uris introduces us to Morrison who’s recently lost his wife, and whose kids are with their grandparents in the U.S. Generally, he’s not a happy man. And as we travel through a couple of very remote villages, we find ourselves tracking a man who seeks contentment. This contentment makes itself apparent always slightly beyond Morrison’s graspable horizon through 2/3 of the book.

What Uris does extremely well, is put flesh on the land that is Greece. Uris is known to travel extensively and thoroughly research his subjects. I don’t doubt that this is the case with “Angry Hills”. We’re exposed to a Greece whose collective long-range outlook is optimistic, while pragmatically accepting a fate marked by poverty, and acted out as a pawn in a much larger world war.

“Hills” could easily double in size (my addition came in at only 248 pages), and scope, which might have accommodated Uris’ exploration of the land and heart of the country in which his story is based. Several different Greeks fall in love with Morrison throughout the tale, each in a unique way: a shy farm girl, a hulking farmer who’s lost his son, a world-wise and savvy rebel, and even a prostitute. Honestly, each happens a little too easily and far too quickly.

I’m traveling to Greece for the first time this summer, and I found this book to be a terrific primer on ‘the soul of Greece’. This is a well-written and enjoyable war-time thriller. ( )
  JGolomb | Feb 21, 2014 |
Atenas, dominação alemã.

Um americano vai a Grécia sem saber o que o destino o aguarda.

Uma lista com 17 nomes não pode cair em mãos erradas e Mike Morrisson, o escritor americano é o ÚNICO que pode entregar esta lista a Resistência.

Cheio de fugas mirabolantes e muitas aldeias queimadas, As Colinas da Ira transporta o leitor a um mundo que muitos de nós sequerer tem idéia que pode ter acontecido. ( )
  VanderLuviz | Sep 7, 2009 |
näyttää 5/5
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Adventure and intrigue in Greece, involving Jewish and American spies and British soldiers.

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